ACH made easy

Automated clearning house (ACH) transactions are the backbone of the domestic payments infrastructure in the US. ACH payments are a cost-effective payments solution with broad acceptance, supported by over 11,000 financial institutions.


Direct deposit

With Checkbook’s ACH direct deposit option, you can send funds directly to your recipient’s bank account - zero friction for your recipients. Simply provide the routing and account number of the destination account, and we'll take care of the rest.

Complete control

Disburse payments to your users using our ACH API or full featured, user-friendly dashboard.

Built in scalability

Checkbook offers a secure, scalable and reliable way for your business to move money via ACH.

Recipient side deposit

Our Digital Check solution makes payments quick and easy. All you need is the recipient's name, email, and the amount - that's it! Recipients receive their Digital Check via email, where they can verify their bank account instantly for deposit.

Automatic reconciliation

Mis-type a routing number or enter the wrong account? We’ve got it handled with automated reconciliation of failed transactions.

Compliance covered

No more storing sensitive banking information. We take care of the compliance so you don't have to.

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Always know what you pay

Integrated per-transaction pricing with no hidden fees.

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