Posted by Checkbook on Oct 06, 2017 offers digital checks and invoicing services

The startup, which provides digital checks, now offers invoice services as well. was founded three years ago by PJ Gupta, formerly of Visa, who was the chief network architect of the credit card company’s payment network. After he left Visa, he founded Noca, a startup that provided a payment settlement system for Visa, MasterCard, and ACH transactions.

While working on Noca, Gupta saw there was a gap in the checks payment market. He founded to provide digital check payment options, which allows businesses to send any amount of money digitally, like with PayPal or Venmo, but with a small fixed fee no matter how large the amount.

Now, the company allows accountants to also send and receive invoices for their clients.

In April, also forged a software integration with QuickBooks, so QuickBooks users can find the digital checks app on the QB marketplace and use it with the accounting software.

The startup has also just launched their new, updated website, which sales director Nisha Ramesh says is easier to use. Checkbook users can also now access 24/7 customer support via the website.

Checkbook is free for business or individuals who send up to three checks per month. After that, there is a $1 fee per check. Click here for more information on pricing.

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By fully utilizing Checkbook's Digital Check solution, Baxter Credit Union can now have faster loan funding times and instant delivery & tracking for its members.

Checkbook Reaches 2 Million Digital Check Users Bringing Consumer Ease To Business Payments

Checkbook today announces two million users eliminating paper checks with its user-first digital payment solution. Founded by former Visa Chief Architect PJ Gupta, Checkbook helps businesses and consumers eliminate the complexities and insecurities plaguing the paper Check payment world.

Checkbook is making sending and receiving checks as easy as pie

Checkbook is the newest financial digital service aiming to revolutionize checks and the way we spend money.

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