Posted by Checkbook on May 26, 2020

What is a Digital Check?

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Ten years back, you likely carried a Paper Checkbook. In fact, some Americans still carry a Checkbook. However there is a better alternative right at your fingertips’s Digital Check takes the Paper Check of the past and digitizes it. This end-to-end online solution completely rids the payment process of a paper-trail. Digital Checks are sent via email while encrypting sensitive information in order to make their delivery completely safe. Once a recipient’s Digital Check arrives in their email inbox, it can be deposited either via the following options:

Traditional ACH - Funds can be pushed to a recipient’s bank account within 3-4 business days.

Print-At-Home and Mobile Deposit- A check image is generated that can be printed using normal ink at home and deposited either via the Mobile Application, ATM or taken to the Bank Teller.

Real-Time Push To A Debit Card - Funds shall be in the recipient’s Checking Account within 18 seconds.

Real-Time Generation Of A Virtual Credit Card (VCC) - Funds are stored in a Credit Card that can virtually be added to the Apple Wallet or Google Pay applications and used when needed.

Checkbook’s Digital Check offers newfound freedom in the payment landscape; a recipient’s hard earned money can be cashed using their method of choice!

What a Digital Checks brings to you is Security and Speed. Paper Checks are a relic of the past. Our world is, and will continue to, run on Digital Checks. And all this for less than a dollar!

About Author: Shreeya Agarwal & The Checkbook Team

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