Integrations To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Small Business

Posted by Checkbook on Aug 22, 2019

As a small business owner, you might feel like there is never enough time to complete all your responsibilities. Beyond the everyday, keep-the-lights-on duties, it’s difficult to see the bigger picture when you’re bogged down by the details.

In addition to time, if you’re like most small business owners, bookkeeping and general finance aren’t at the top of your to-do list, but nonetheless, they could still eat up a lot of your time and attention. These three finance programs and apps (integrated with can help you save time and effort while running your small business. Stop wasting your time switching between multiple platforms and integrate your accounting with Checkbook to make your life a lot simpler. is a secure, payment solution aiming to help businesses get paid faster by replacing the traditional Paper Check with a Digital Check, thereby encouraging end-to-end encrypted online payments. Checkbook's Digital Check is a technology that coalesces security and transparency and frees businesses from relying on easily compromisable checks, and encourages them to start sending Instant Payments to anyone.

Checkbook integrates with Quickbooks, Accounting Seed and Sage Intacct

Quickbooks Online

As the leader in small business accounting tools, Quickbooks software is able to adapt and grow with a new small business while remaining reliable and easy to use. With five online plans, you choose the package that’s best suited to your enterprise’s structure. Whether you have a little accounting knowledge or are just starting out, Quickbooks has more features than most small businesses typically need, but its double-entry ledger format and chart of accounts are essential for good record-keeping. Quickbooks is highly customizable with reporting and data exportation to many other applications. Currently, customers can integrate Digital Checks with Quickbooks Online (QBO), to expedite the payment process.

Price: Plans start at $10 per month.

Accounting Seed

If you use Salesforce, Accounting Seed is an excellent choice for accounting software. This cloud-based accounting platform allows you to seamlessly integrate and synchronize with Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM software). With features including customizable reporting, billing automation, and inventory tracking and efficient data entry, Accounting Seed lets you move away from spreadsheets and save a lot of time on bookkeeping tasks.

Price: $250 per month + $55 per user per month for current Salesforce users.

Checkbook's Integration Partners have access to its Lockbox feature. Lockbox is Checkbook's approval system. It is intended to add a layer of security and accuracy to payments that are being made.

When a Digital Check, that has been created, is sent to Lockbox, it sits their UNPAID and waits for approval. Going back and taking a second look at the Checks in Lockbox helps double check details and ensures that payments for the right amounts are made to the right people.

Lockbox is particularly useful when multiple people have access to a Checkbook account and junior employees are tasked with the clerical work of creating checks. A senior manager then has the opportunity to go in and approve the ones that should be sent out.

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Checkbook Partners with Ace+

Checkbook Partners with Ace+, a major mystery shopping company with over 300,000 professional evaluators throughout the United States and Canada

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