Send Printable Cheques

Checkbook’s printable cheques eliminate print and postage costs, while cutting delivery time from days to seconds. Delivered via email, printable cheques combine the efficiency of digital communication, with the familiarity of a paper cheque.

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Sending Payments is Simple

Send a cheque directly to your recipient’s email. Our cheques can be printed on standard printer paper and deposited just like a regular cheque - with a banking mobile app or in person at a local branch or ATM.

Easy to process

Our printable cheques display the cheque and endorsement on the same page - no need to fumble with multiple pages.

White-label experience

Completely customize the colour and branding information displayed on each cheque.

Printable Cheques Replace Paper Cheques

Printable cheques provide a great way to transition from mailed cheques to digital payments. Recipients can leverage the same deposit processes they use for mailed cheques, yet they don’t have to wait 3-5 days for the mail to arrive!

Privacy conscious

Deposited entirely offline, there is no need for recipients to share financial information electronically.

Cost effective

Printable cheques provide a cost effective way for businesses to make payments.

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