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A company dedicated to changing the way you make and receive payments.

Our Mission

According to the Federal Reserve Payments Report of 2018, there were more than 15 Billion paper Checks sent within the US. In this day and age, no business or individual should be cutting a paper check. This is where the Checkbook team comes in: We've built the most efficient "Push Payments" system which not only does away with paper Checks but provides for a way to transmit funds completely online while keeping the convenience of being able to send payments with just the name, address and amount. Underlying multiple modes of settlement can provide Instant Funds availability.

Our Team

We are a dedicated bunch of engineers/designers who are passionate about disrupting the payments space. We understand payments inside-out - from a technical as well as a business perspective. Each one of us has either done startups in the past or is intimately involved in building products we believe in.

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