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Checkbook’s Digital Checks make subscription payments a breeze.

Subscription payments with Digital Checks

Recurring Checks

Our Digital check solution makes payments quick and easy. Simply enter the recipient’s name, email, and the amount, that’s it!

Direct Deposit

Our direct deposit option works just like traditional ACH transactions and requires the recipients bank account and routing number.

Multiple Checks

Need to send multiple checks? Upload a CSV file with the name, email or physical address, and amount for each recipient and hit send.

Recurring Payments

Payments can be set to automatically be sent either weekly or monthly. Don't worry, we will always notify you before a check is sent and you can cancel anytime.

Recurring payments with Digital Checks

Recurring invoices

Recipients instantly receive their check via email which can be deposited online or printed.

Instant Verification

Recipients can verify their bank accounts instantly using their online banking credentials. This information is tokenized using secure bank APIs. At no time are your login credentials stored anywhere in Checkbook’s servers.

Automatic Deposit

Once onboarded, all future checks sent to the recipient's email will be automatically deposited.

Recurring invoices ach payments

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