Digital Checks for Notaries

Send and Receive Secure Payments Instantly

Our Digital Checks are the ultimate solution for notaries looking for a fast and secure way to send disbursements, or a larger notary service organization looking for a streamlined and cost-effective way to pay individual notaries. Digital Checks make notary payments easier to send and receive by allowing recipients the flexibility of choosing between printing and digitally depositing their checks.

Control Your Cash Flow

Our simple dashboard allows notaries to easily track their outbound and inbound payment statuses in real-time.

Pay Quickly

Digital Checks and automatic deposit help keep subcontractors and recipients happy. Digital Checks also make sending urgent payments quicker than ever, as payments can be sent instantly over email.

Save Time & Money

No more wasting time and money stuffing and stamping paper checks. Digital checks save our notary customers an average of 40% over traditional paper checks.

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