Digital Checks for Nonprofit Organizations

Money where you need it

Nonprofits need a payment solution that gets funds to the people who need it. A solution that’s not only fast, but costs far less than other methods. We at appreciate what nonprofits achieve and believe in, which is why we offer our lowest pricing tier to all charitable nonprofits regardless of payments volume.

Save Time & Money’s Digital Checks help nonprofits obtain huge cost and time savings compared to other payment methods. With digital checks, you can get your money where it needs to be quickly and securely.

Control Your Cash Flow

Our simple dashboard allows nonprofits to easily track their outbound and inbound payment statuses in real-time. Whatever your payment needs are,’s Digital Checks can help.

Pay Quickly

Digital Checks and automatic deposit help keep your vendors happy. Digital Checks also make sending urgent payments quicker than ever, as payments can be sent instantly over email.

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