Digital Checks for insurance

It’s Time to Convert From Paper Checks to a Digital Solution

Our Digital Checks are the ultimate solution for insurance companies looking to increase efficiency in claim disbursement and provide their claimants with a simple and quick way to receive funds. Digital Checks make insurance claims easy to receive by allowing recipients the flexibility of choosing between instant transfer, online deposit, or printable check.

Multiparty Checks

We are the only end-to-end digital solution that has solved the issue of multiparty checks.

Instant Deposit

Claimants can use their existing debit card to receive funds instantly (an average of 18 seconds)!

Underbanked solves the dilemma of paying the underbanked with traditional EFT. Those without bank accounts can simply input their prepaid card to receive payment.


Need to send additional information relating to the claim? PDFs can be easily sent along with digital checks for the claimant to view.

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