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Checkbook's Digital Checks don't require the recipient to signup or download an app

Easy to Send

Our Digital Check solution makes payments quick and easy. Simply enter the recipient's name, email, and the amount, that's it!

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Recipient name

Recipient email address


Multiple Checks
Multiple Checks

Upload a CSV file with the name, email or physical address and amount for each recipient and hit send

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit

Payments directly deposited into the payee's account

Recurring Payments
Recurring Payments

Schedule a payment to happen on a regular interval

I need to

Recipient Friendly

Recipients instantly receive their check via email and can choose to either deposit the check online or print for in-person or mobile deposit

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Automatic Deposit

Our direct deposit option works just like traditional ACH transactions and requires the recipient's bank account and routing number.

Instant Verification

Recipients can verify their bank accounts instantly using their online banking credentials. This information is tokenized using secure bank APIs. At no time are your login credentials stored anywhere in Checkbook’s servers.

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