Digital Checks for Banks

It’s Time to Convert From Paper Checks to a Digital Solution

Our white label marketplace API is the ultimate solution for banks and financial institutions looking to increase efficiency in disbursement and provide their customers with a simple and quick way to send and receive funds.

White Label Marketplace API

Checkbook's white label marketplace API is the simplest way to track payments, send check batches, onboard customers and more all from your own site or platform.

Save Time & Money’s Digital Checks offer a clear advantage over traditional mass paper disbursements. Not only are digital checks more cost-effective and efficient, recipients prefer to receive checks digitally 9 out of 10 times.

Control Cash Flow

Easily monitor outgoing funds and send reminders instantly. No more mailed notices or online awareness campaigns.

Pay Quickly

By sending checks digitally, you have the option to allow recipients the choice between depositing their check online, printing for mobile check deposit, and having their check sent via mail.

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