No more paper, just send or receive Digital Checks

Whether you send or request checks, just once or recurring we have it all for you. With our marketplace solution you can even send or receive Digital Checks between your customers.

Digital Check

Digital Checks are the easiest way to send money. Whether you want to send a single check or a million, we have the solution for you.

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You can request a Digital Check too. Simply sent an invoice, it has a "Send Check" button embedded in it. It's that simple.

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Recurring Digital Checks? No problem. You can send recurring Digital Checks either from the dashboard or use our RESTful API to send them by the million.

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Marketplaces. Yup, we have RESTful APIs that will let you create a Digital Check payment system between your users/customers. Your users will be able to send or recieve white labeled Digital Checks.

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