Afterschool Enrichment Solutions Partners with

Posted by Checkbook on Feb 02, 2019

Afterschool Enrichment Solutions has partnered up with to pay their instructors in a simpler and more efficient way.

Afterschool Enrichment Solutions is dedicated to nurturing after school enrichment programs to children nationwide. They have established a presence in over eight hundred schools and community centers, serving over 30,000 children each year. Their goal is to aid children in their emotional, social, and intellectual development through a variety of programs:

  • Engineering Computer Programming
  • Chess
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Guitar
  • Spanish

Problems Faced By Afterschool Enrichment Solutions

To serve the children and teach these programs, Afterschool Enrichment Solutions contracts with experienced and dedicated instructors. Before partnering with, Afterschool Enrichment Services used paper checks to pay instructors for their valuable work. Nicole Borchers, who oversees instructor payments as the Client Support & Financial Services Manager, had the following pain points:

  • Paper checks would get lost more often than expected from USPS. It would also take longer than expected for checks to arrive.

    ✔ With Checkbook, payments are delivered instantly.

    If there was an error, we would either need to wait until the next cycle to add the amount to the next check, or we would have to send another check altogether--which takes time.

    ✔ With Checkbook, now we can correct payments with the click of a button as soon as an error is brought to our attention.

    Reimbursements typically had to be added to monthly payroll checks.

    ✔ With Checkbook, now they can be sent individually with the click of a button, outside of a payroll. Is The Solution They Were Looking For

Nicole Borchers wanted a simpler payment solution for her company’s operations, while also being able to offer more options to their instructors. After reviewing several vendors, Nicole went with to solve their pain points and provide solutions to meet their needs:

  • ✔ A simple API for integrating within their own systems (development was done in a day!)
  • ✔ Direct deposit for instructors to receive funds after initially onboarding a bank account
  • ✔ Options for instructors to print the check or request a mailed check

A Payment Solution Appreciated By Both Parties

The switch has been well received on both ends. For Afterschool Enrichment Solutions, “gives us a way to pay instructors electronically without us having to store their banking info. offers a great support team to help myself and my instructors with any technical issues. And I can pay my instructors much quicker since I do not have to write/sign/address/stamp/mail several hundred checks each month” (Nicole Borchers). The instructors are also pleased with the switch:

“Our instructors love having electronic deposit as an option; but in general, they love having more than one choice to deposit their money.”

Instructors Prefer Digital Checks over Paper Checks

One of the more surprising findings for Nicole has been the lack of interest in paper checks. They expected about 20% of instructors to request a paper check via In reality, only around 3% of instructors chose the paper check option. The vast majority of instructors chose to onboard a bank account to receive direct deposits; and a few of them chose to print the check from their home computer for mobile deposit.


Overall, implementing has been a win-win for Afterschool Enrichment Services and their instructors. Per Nicole, “ has been an easy transition, and one of the best improvements we made in 2018."

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