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Benefits of Same Day ACH in 2019

Learn how Same Day ACH can help your business grow

What is Same Day ACH?

Same day ACH was introduced by National Automated Clearing House Association(NACHA) to offer consumers, businesses, and governments the opportunity to move money faster with the ACH network.

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Compared to Traditional next-day ACH, Same Day ACH provides two submission windows during the day.

  • First window: Submission deadline at 10:30 am EST, settlements occurs at 1 pm EST.
  • Second window: Submission deadline at 2:45 pm EST, settlements occurs at 5 pm EST.

How can businesses benefit from Same Day ACH?

  • More flexibility and control on payment handling: The addition of a new windows allows financial staff to have extra time to process the payments, which in turn, lowers the chances for error.
  • Faster recovery from errors: Because of the additional settlements during the day, invalid transaction can be noticed earlier and faster reversal is allowed on duplicated or erroneous entries.
  • Reduced impact on an overdue payment: The impact for an overdue payroll or B2B payment can be minimize because money is available within the same business day and therefore employees and business partners can still be paid on the payday.
  • Faster collection and distribution of funds: B2B Payment transfers can be time-sensitive. Compared to writing a check manually, Same Day ACH saves much time and efforts for payment handling. In addition, Checkbook provides instant verification for bank accounts, which means that you can start making ACH payments in minutes.
  • Research by NACHA indicates that emergency payroll and B2B payments are considered to be important use cases for Same Day ACH and the usage is expected to grow continuously.

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Individuals can also benefits from Same Day ACH in the following areas:

  • Expedited loan, mortgage, or credit card payments to avoid or minimize late penalty.
  • Faster processing time for Account to Account (A2A) transfers and Person to Person (P2P) transfers.
  • Direct Deposits are available in an earlier time frame.

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