Meet Checkbook

A company dedicated to changing the way you make and receive payments.

Our Mission

We were tired of writing paper checks to our landlord. In today's day and age paper checks are an anomaly. However according to a 2016 Fed Reserve study 17.2 billion paper Checks were written in 2015. This is a huge unsexy trillion dollar space that nobody is going after. We are payments guys who know how back end payment systems work. We have startup DNA and believe that while everyone is going after the perceived "sexy" stuff we are solving a huge problem.

Our Team

We are a dedicated bunch of hackers/designers who are passionate about disrupting the payments space. We understand payments inside-out - from a technical as well as business perspective. Each one of us has either done startups in the past or is intimately involved in building products we believe in.

PJ Gupta
Founder & CEO
Cosmin Molea
Chris Matthews
Michael Schneider
Business Development
Anthony Sanchez
Business Development
Steve Shewey
Business Development
Jake Mastrandrea
Taylor Rich
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